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An Awakening Journey, Honouring Intuitive Wisdom & Soulful Connection to Heal Food & Body Image Wounding

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You Are a Woman-Identified who is Ready for a Fresh Approach to Wellness and Inspired To...

  • Finally Heal Your Struggles with Food 
  • Trascend Patterns of Food Restriction, Fear of Food, Over Eating and or Binging 
  • Release Food Guilt, Shame and Abuse
  • Ignite Intuitive Knowning Regarding Your Personal Wellness Journey
  • Live Your Life Inspired By Your Deepest Desires 
  • Show up For Your Body and Your Life with Sovereignty

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Introducing the...

Awaken from Food Challenges 

  7 Week Online Group Coaching

What You will Recieve...

  • Weekly modules with guidance for the following 7 days
  •  Weekly coaching calls for further inspiration, support & guidance
  •  Professional Online Program with discussion boards, module and group coacing uploads for group correspondence and access to me via email and facebook over the full 7 week period. 

Week 1


This week is all about making your commitment to yourself possible. I will guide you in initiating sacred space for this deep soul connecting work so you may incorporate your Deepest Desires within our work together. This is your journey with every step leading you towards an awakening that creates freedom and healing from food and body image wounding...all the while, held in a sacred container of sisterhood & all of the magic that lies within it's center. 

Week 2


Explore connections between what you desire in life and what your belly is craving. We will explore what your cravings or desires for hunger and or fullness and all the variations of textures and flavours are teaching you and what is hiding beneath them. This is an insightful week filled with potential for new awareness based on kindness, compassion and the willingness to know our truth. 

Week 3


Beneath the surface of our patterns and desires is an opportunity to witness, void of judgment, the emotions and core beliefs we have avoided, refused to witness or have been completly unaware of. It is here that our light is able to shine towards our shadow and create an enviroment for change to occur. 

Week 4


This powerful week will be the catalyst for divine healing. You will be invited to engage in a dialogue with your fears and your shadows while developing a relationship with your highest-self and transform the way you engage with food, your body and your life. 

Week 5


As you continue to allow your Highest Self into your life with the intention that she is present more often then not, you will be privy to new insights and awarness- allowing you to make choices to nurture rather than hide or harm. This will also be a week of self forgivness as we send more and more love to the parts of you that have been ignored, unappreciated or abandonded. 

Week 6


This is the magical week where you set the stage and gather the data to develop your own personal Divine Nourishment Care Plan with my guidance, insights from the previous modules and of course your highest self. 

Week 7


By witnessing the life enhancing changes from the previous weeks, you will now be inspired to commit to fully stepping into your life fueled by your deepest desires for wellness, freedom and so on depending on your individual journey. We will bring this program to a close with a final group coaching session to bring further clarity, support and closure to the group. 

I am ready to Awaken from Food Challenges and want to know more! 

Meet Your Intuitive Wellness Coach

As an Experienced Registered Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Healer, Intuitive Wellness & Eating Psychology Coach, I have had the opportunity to study with great visionaries, healers and mystics and am honoured to share the teachings and lived experiences that have been the catalysts to enrich my own life and continue to heal the wounds of our collective experience here on earth.  

 The greatest teacher, with the support of many living angels here on earth, has been the healing journey I have moved through in my own life regarding disorder eating and depression. It is these experiences that have provided the inspiration for my life's work. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Eating Psychology Coach with a past of working in Health Care as a Registered Nurse, I have the education and skills to assist you in transcending your struggle with food and or body image. I also understand the importance of having a safe space to land while you awaken your own inner guidance. I am not here to fix you, as you are not broken. I am however here to serve you with an open heart, expanded mind and a life time of lived experience walking my path towards liberation. I am grateful that our paths have aligned and invite you to join me in a deep exploration within.